Mini Me Gift Sets

Match our soft organic dresses and overalls with mini-me doll clothes! These limited edition, eco-friendly gift sets are made to fit 13" Willowbee Dolls or 19" Dolls (like American Girl or Maplelea Girl) and include Poco Mono’s signature Pinafore dress or Overalls. We have also collaborated with Willowbee to create gifts sets matching our overalls and dresses with mini-me dolls!
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The Willowbee Dolls + Poco Mono Overalls Gift Set
The Willowbee Dolls + Poco Mono Dress Gift Set
The Rainbow Overalls & Doll Overalls Gift Set
The Pinafore Rainbow Dress & Doll Dress Gift Set
The Retro Doll Overalls
The Rainbow Doll Dress
The Gift Card
The Gift Card
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