Our Top 5 Reasons to Shop Canadian Made

With Canada Day coming up, it’s nice to step back and consider the benefits of supporting local businesses and Canadian-based products!

According to a Royal Bank of Canada poll taken in September of 2017, Canadians are passionate about supporting small and local businesses. Not only does supporting these businesses give you the opportunity to vouch for your favourite local entrepreneurs but also validates the benefits of buying local.

Being a proud Canadian-based business ourselves, we would love to share with you our top 5 reasons why you should be investing your time and money into locally run businesses:

1) Improve the local economy

Entrepreneurs will source their supplies locally, use local business services, pay local taxes, pay ethical wages and often donate to the community. Local Business owners will support other small businesses for reciprocity reasons and shared values. Spending locally keeps more money and jobs in your community.

For example, Poco Mono uses local businesses for screen printing, cut and sew, pattern making, thread, zippers, photography, markets and more!

2) Improve your family's health

When you buy products from small local shops and farmers you can learn where and how the products are made and who makes them. Whether buying health and beauty products, clothing or food, you can ask questions to know if these products are healthy, free of chemicals and ethically made.

If you live in or around Toronto our farmers' markets are world class! Also, the Healthy Mom's online directory is a great curated selection of local, natural, health-focused and eco-friendly businesses.

shopping at a local farmer's market

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3) Create a Unique Community

“The combined presence of your city’s many local businesses makes it different from every other city in the world. By supporting those businesses instead of chains, you ensure that uniqueness is preserved as a part of your community.” John Rampton, posting for entrepreneur

4) Get to know the people behind the product

You are buying from a person, not just a brand, and they appreciate your business because you are supporting their dream. Unlike a chain store who doesn’t have a face or a clue who’s buying from them.

5) Personalized customer service

Small businesses care about their customers, and when you have a problem you will most likely have direct contact with the business owner and will be treated with respect.


By supporting local businesses and their Canadian-based products, you keep your communities unique and thriving, help your favourite local entrepreneurs succeed, and make better purchases for yourself and your family!

So next time you're out shopping keep local and Canadian in mind!

Happy Canada Day!!

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