The History of The Classic Overall & Why We Love Them!

Overalls have been around for a long time and sported by many influential figures throughout the years. However, overalls haven’t always been associated with fashion, but rather a means of functionality for labour work and life in the workplace. Although the classic overall began as a representation of the working class it has now transcended into a fashion trend of “wholesome” and “classic” imagery — now commonly linked with children’s clothing.

Early 1700s - The Beginning

Initially referred to as “slops,” overalls were created as a symbol of the working class and more often than not, were worn by the working man. They began simply as two separate pieces: a pair of pants and an apron. The two were then sewn together to create the overall. It wasn’t until the 1850s when the concept became a single piece and is associated with what we recognize today as the overall. 


Photo Credit: The Denim Vault

1910s - 1930s   

Moving into the WWI era, the overall became a staple for women as they replaced the men in the workforce whom headed off to war. As a result of this, women turned to men’s work clothes for functionality in the workplace, eventually becoming casual clothing for women leisuring at home by the late 1930s. Even more so, being frequently seen on women in Hollywood films at the time.

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Moving into the 40s era, overalls were now designed for women and were modified to complement the woman’s body. This included a more fitted look with heavier denim material, larger pockets and various buckles. The new take on the overall carried on into the 50s, 60s and 70s, shaping the course of women’s fashion.

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 1980s - 1990s

By the time the 80s and 90s rolled around, the overall had made multiple fashionable modifications, gaining credibility in the fashion industry. Many influential figures, such as the late Princess Diana, were spotted sporting the outfit, representing an almost “wholesome” image.

 Photo Credit: Buro 24/7


Originally designed for men in the workforce, the overall has gone through various modifications over time, becoming a fashionable staple not only for women, but for children as well. Nowadays, overalls are seen as the perfect summery outfit — offering functionality and comfort!

From the Duchess of Cambridge sporting the outfit in Vogue Magazine to our gender-neutral overalls, they truly are an ever-changing piece of clothing, which is why we love them! 

Photo Credit: O Closet da Realeza

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