Planning a photoshoot

There have been so many firsts this year and one of the more fun and exciting ones was shooting our spring/summer collection!

We were lucky enough to work with one of the top photographers in Toronto, Vincent Lions. With Vincent's guidance and creative vision, nothing was overlooked and we ended up having an amazing shoot and beautiful photos!

Before the shoot, we did our homework in regards to models, props, location, professionals and scheduling.

For sourcing models, we used little ones we knew and offered them a t-shirt and digital portrait as thanks. We were lucky our models all did great. Another option would have been to use agency models. This would guarantee kids that are comfortable in front of the camera, but would come with a cost!

To help tell our story we used simple retro toys that complimented our clothes and were easy for the kids to get creative with. For inspiration, we first paid a visit to  Mojo Props here in Toronto. This place was amazing and took me back to my childhood. Before paying for props, however, we opted to first see what we could source from friends, family and our own toy bins! This ended up being more than enough for our needs.

From a scheduling perspective, we thought the most efficient direction would be to group the kids based on age. We started with the infants, then onto toddlers and ended with school-age kids. This worked out well because our models only needed to be available for their specific time slots. Ahead of the shoot, we made up a spreadsheet that we shared with all the models' families with time slot, outfits, and sizes. This helped manage expectations and keep us all organised!

The studio space was exceptional, at Silverline Studios here in Toronto. We had a space for lounging with a full kitchen, and a separate space for shooting. They also had extras such as a high-end steamer, iron and ironing board and dressing area. This made it easy to provide snacks for everyone and kerbed distractions for our photographer and models. For ambience, we used an old record player and kept a constant rotation of tunes such as Raffi, Micheal Jackson, and The Beachboys!

After shooting the models we had a stylist come in for the latter part of the day to style clothing for our off-model shoot. The stylist was such an important part of the magic, as she made the clothes look picture perfect before shooting them.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and we are looking forward to the next one!

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