How to Layer Your Kids for School

How to Layer Your Kids for School

Written by Colleen Rodericks for Poco Mono

Fall in Ontario, is one of the most beautiful seasons – picturesque views filled with vibrant colours and textures.

During the mornings, you can feel the northerly chill as you walk out the door. Cool dew clings on until the sun rises fully. By the afternoon, the skies are blue and filled with a warm, bright, sun. Unlike the Summer, the warmth doesn’t last too long – enough to dissipate the cold mist before the sun sets again.

As breathtaking as this time of year is, it’s also one of the most difficult seasons to dress for, especially for kids. Temperatures can fluctuate 10 to 15℃ within a day – indoors you never know what climate you’ll be walking into. It could be blistering cold with air conditioning blasting or very warm with the heat turned on high. Keeping your kids comfortable throughout the entire day in the fall can be challenging. Your best bet is to dress them in light layers.

 Fall landscape, Ontario

Outside of underwear and socks, their first layer should be a 100% cotton (organic if possible) short sleeve t-shirt. Cotton is soft, breathable and it’s a non-irritating natural fibre. It allows them to move freely and it stretches slightly with wear.

 Organic cotton T-shirts

From left to right, Navy Cheeky Tee, Dragon Tee and Red Cheeky Tee all from Poco Mono 

Next, you’ll want to layer and keep their little chests warm. The chest is one of the most sensitive areas to temperature changes. For small kids, a tunic or a jumper/overalls is a great option – it protects the chest from heat loss.


Organic Cotton overalls

Organic French Terry Overalls by Poco Mono

For their outer layers, both a light sweater and a soft shell jacket are ideal. In the mornings when it’s still chilly, the soft shell jacket will protect them from the cold and wind. As the day warms up, they can remove the layers.

Your kids’ body temperature plays an important role in their ability to learn. Being in an environment that is too warm or cold, can affect their ability to focus in class. Their brains get distracted and sends signals telling them they’re either too hot or cold. It hampers their ability to focus on tasks, it affects their memory and their energy levels.

From left to right, K-way Jacket and Lush Hoody both from Mini Mioche

Aside from fashion, clothing is about function. Proper clothing protects little bodies and their core temperature from the environment. During the Fall, it is important to dress your kids in layers. This will give them the ability to make the most out of each day, so they can learn and have fun, comfortably!


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