5 Tips for Extending the life of Your Clothes

Here are five things you can do to minimize your environmental impact and extend the life of your wardrobe favorites.

1. Use DIY + eco-friendly detergents

Store-bought laundry detergents are often filled with harsh chemicals that reduce the life of our clothes. By choosing a detergent that is low-phosphate you can reduce damage to your clothes and the environment.

Or make up a batch of your own earth-friendly washing powder with Environmental Engineer Emma Rohmann of Green at Home.

2. Wash with Care

Clothes last much longer when they are machine washed cold and laid flat (or hung) to dry. Hot water and dryer heat breaks down fabrics, and dyes and causes them to curl up and shrink. Dryers can also set in stains!

According to www.treehugger.com, washing clothes on the cold cycle will only use energy for the machine compared to the 75% more that is used to heat the water. By washing with only cold water you ’re reducing your energy consumption, saving money and extending the life of your clothes. If you like the hot cycle for the antibacterial benefits, then add ½ a cup of white vinegar with 20 to 25 drops of tea tree oil for the same effect.

We can also wash less, be mindful of keeping clean clothes out of the laundry basket, and remember items like sweaters (worn over t-shirts), jeans and outerwear can go the distance without being washed after every wear!

 3. Buy Organic Material Clothes

When you wash your clothes, it’s materials release microparticles. The microparticles in synthetic materials are not biodegradable, and these small plastic particles end up in our water and continue into the food chain. Organic materials are not only better for the environment, but also for all living things including you.

 4. Treat Stains Immediately

As soon as your toddler spills that grape juice on their clothes, grab a natural stain remover and rub it on. Our go-to is BunchaFarmers stain stick. Their stain stick is made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients and gets out tough stains, like blood, oil, and wine just to name a few.

*For a limited time receive the Bunchafarmers Stain Remover with every Poco Mono purchase online.

5. Repair and Pass it On

When we build a wardrobe with high-quality clothes, children get more wear out of them.

Cover stubborn stains and holes with a patch or a funky piece of fabric. When it's time to say goodbye - recycle, sell or donate your clothes to an organization.





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