Planning Easy Back to School Outfits, Style Tips and More

Planning Easy Back to School Outfits, Style Tips and More


We love to buy our kids local eco-friendly products in prints and colors that will help them express their back to school style. To find a balance between what our kids need and what we can afford, every year, we make a plan.  With a plan, your kid’s clothes will work harder for them and you can buy less. Here are our top 5 tips to inspire your back to school shopping:


  1. Catalog their closet. Look at what your kids have and figure out what they need before you start shopping. We like to do this by considering how they spend their time (school days, sports, special occasions etc.). If last year’s backpack still has life in it, or you can squeeze one more year out of that jacket, that’s one less purchase you need to make.
  2. Choose some colours. Pay attention to what colours look good on your kids and make a scheme starting with their best colours. If you use this as your guide, you will be able to mix and match most of their clothes.
  3. Balance patterns with solids. If your child is wearing neutral solid pants/shorts, they can pair them with a fun shirt or vice versa. Consignment and thrift stores are great places to get neutral basics like cardigans, jeans, and tees. Since these garments have been washed a few times they have less manufacturing chemicals than buying new.
  4. Shop small local shops. With so many businesses vying for your back to school dollars why not narrow your choices and only support small local businesses and/or eco-friendly products? There are lots of cute local and ethical kids’ companies on the rise so parents can love the products they buy for their kids. Not only can we have fun shopping for our little monkeys, but we can feel good about supporting small local shops!

We hope these tips will help make back to school shopping more enjoyable for you and your kids!

Below are some outfit and colour ideas from some of our favourite local and eco-friendly shops.

Back to school inspiration, navy and yellow

From left to right, Grandpa Cardi mini mioche, Moon and Stars Dress Modern Rascals, Leggings Poco Mono, Cheeky Tee  Poco Mono, Aigle Rainboots mni mioche, Baseball Hat Modern Rascals, Lunch Box SoYoung, Reusable Snack Bag Colibri, Natural Beeswax Crayons mini mioche


Back to school inspiration, Primary Colours

From Left to right k-way rain jacket mini mioche, reusable snack bag little white sneakers, Rainbow Dress Poco Mono, Leggings Poco Mono, Backpack Treasure Island Toys, Aigle Rainboots Mini Mioche, Baseball Hat Modern Rascals, Cheeky Tee Poco Mono, Overalls Poco Mono, Water Bottle Treasure Island Toys

Inspiration for back to school, orange grey and blue

 From left to right Rainbow Tube Socks Modern Rascals, blue shoes People Footwear, Back to the Future button Elecktrik Kidz, Dragon T-shirt Poco Mono, macaroon pencil case Girls Are, Sweat Pants little white sneakers, hoodie mini mioche, backpack Parkland, water bottle Baby On the Hip, beanie mini mioche, ballet dress mini mioche, sleeveless bomber jacket electrik kidz


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